The Highlands of Scotland
Most northerly five star castle in the UK
Anglesey, North Wales
French inspired Château on the Isle of Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
The UK’s most AmaZing wedding venue
In the sea, off Portsmouth
Three totally unique island fortresses
The Highlands of Scotland
Grand Scottish castle overlooking the coastline
Anglesey, North Wales
Romantic Château wedding venue in Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
Former monastery with 52 bedroom suites
In the sea, off Portsmouth
The most unique wedding venue in the UK

Civil Weddings

A civil ceremony is a non-religious marriage ceremony presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one. At AmaZing Venues, we can provide a wide range of locations for your special day and will be on hand throughout the planning process to ensure that your day exceeds even you highest expectations.

There are many reasons you may choose to have a civil ceremony. Perhaps neither of you are religious and would feel uncomfortable with a religious ceremony. It could be that you both come from different religious backgrounds and select a civil ceremony to avoid any problems with inter-faith ceremonies. A civil wedding allows for greater creativity than most clergy would permit and can also be held in an array of diverse locations including outside areas.

In the UK, a civil marriage cannot include any religious content but couples are welcome to have individual touches such as non-religious music and readings to be added to the legal wording of the ceremony. This can include the music for the bride’s entrance, your first steps together as newlyweds and the signing of the register. We are more than happy to suggest ways to make the day truly unique and personal to you.

To proceed with a civil wedding the registrar has to receive an ‘authority’ for your marriage to be able to proceed, which can only be obtained by giving a notice of marriage, which you must do at your local register office (or offices if you live in different areas) at least 15 days before the wedding. You will need to bring at least two other people to the ceremony who are prepared to witness the marriage and sign the marriage register.

At AmaZing Venues, we are happy to deliver you a wonderful experience and a day to cherish. We have an array of beautiful spaces all of which can be tailored to suit any theming you wish and plenty of space to accommodate your requirements. Our chefs pride themselves in providing exquisite dining and are just waiting to create a lavish wedding banquet which can be perfectly tailored to your wishes and requirements. With fresh local ingredients, your party will enjoy a taste sensation with every bite.

We have breath-taking accommodation to ensure that your wedding party is well rested before or after your special day. Our bedrooms are luxuriously furnished and wonderfully decadent, providing the perfect backdrop after an emotion filled day. Our incredible suites also provide the perfect setting for your first night as newlyweds.

Contact us today and let us bring you a wedding day beyond your wildest dreams.

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