The Highlands of Scotland
Most northerly five star castle in the UK
North of Dundee
The ultimate party destination minutes from Dundee
South of Edinburgh
A country house hotel only minutes from Edinburgh
Anglesey, North Wales
French inspired Château on the Isle of Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
The UK’s most AmaZing wedding venue
In the sea, off Portsmouth
Three totally unique island fortresses
The Highlands of Scotland
Grand Scottish castle overlooking the coastline
North of Dundee
Stunning fairy tale wedding venue in Scotland
South of Edinburgh
A country house wedding venue near Edinburgh
Anglesey, North Wales
Romantic Château wedding venue in Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
Former monastery with 52 bedroom suites
In the sea, off Portsmouth
The most unique wedding venue in the UK

Themed Events Terms and Conditions

AmaZing Venues Terms and Conditions for Themed Events


Updated June 2015

DEFINITIONS used in these Terms and Conditions for Themed Events
Clarenco: Refers to Clarenco LLP, usually trading as Amazing Venues, the owner and operator of the Hotel.
Hotel:  Refers to the property and grounds (or part of thereof) where the Event is to be held.
Themed Event: Refers to the event organised and run by Clarenco at the Hotel described at the rate(s) shown on Clarenco’s website or in promotional material or advertisements or through a booking agency website.  Supplementary charges may apply.
Guest(s): Means any and all persons (including children) in possession of a valid Ticket purchased  personally or on their behalf. Guests must be over the age of 18 unless specified otherwise.
Tickets: refers to the official form or document (electronic; paper or online) issued to the Guest(s) when the booking is made.
Website: Means Clarenco’s website and/or any of its individual Hotel or affiliate sites. These are owned and operated by Clarenco.

1.1    The contract is formed when payment for the Themed Event has been received and Clarenco issues the Ticket(s).
1.2.    The price of any Tickets will be as quoted on Clarenco’s website (or any third party site).
1.3.    Payment for all Tickets must be made at the time of booking. Clarenco accepts cash payment and all major credit and debit cards. An administration fee of 2.0% will be applied for payments made by credit or charge cards.  No charge is made for settlement by debit card. Cheques can be accepted but the booking will not be confirmed until Clarenco has received cleared funds.
1.4.    Before ordering any Tickets from the website, the Guest is advised to read these terms and conditions. The Guest will need to confirm acceptance of these terms and conditions during the process of purchasing the Ticket(s). If the Guest does not accept these terms and conditions, the Guest will not be able to order any Tickets from the website. In all circumstances, Tickets remains the property of Clarenco.
1.5.    Clarenco may provide links on the website to the websites of other companies, whether affiliated with Clarenco or not. Clarenco cannot accept any liability for Tickets purchased from companies to whose website it has provided a link on the website. This disclaimer does not affect the Guest’s statutory rights against the third party seller. Clarenco will notify the Guest when a third party is involved in a transaction and may disclose the Guest’s information related to that transaction to the third party seller in order for the transaction to proceed.
1.6.    If the booking is made through a booking agency, the Guest may be liable to pay a separate agency fee or commission, which shall be notified by the agency at the time the booking is made.  This fee is not included in the rate(s) payable to Clarenco.
1.7.    When Tickets are booked they will be sent to Guests by email. Where Tickets are sold over the telephone, Tickets will be sent to Guests by email or by post upon request. Clarenco will not accept any responsibility for Tickets that are mislaid or lost in the post.
1.8.    Guests are advised to check carefully the date and time printed on the front of the Ticket(s) as mistakes cannot always be rectified after the booking has been confirmed.
1.9.    Guests require a valid Ticket, which must be produced on arrival in order to enter the Hotel.

2.1    Once a Ticket is purchased the contract is binding and no refunds are available unless outlined below.
2.2    Clarenco reserves the right to postpone, amend or cancel the Themed Event and further reserves the right, but is not obliged to, to offer alternative Themed Events without any responsibility on its part in the unfortunate circumstances of:
2.2.1    An event or occurrence beyond the reasonable control of Clarenco, which causes or is likely to prevent it from performing its obligations.
2.2.2    The Hotel becoming unsuitable or unavailable to hold the Themed Event due to a Force Majeure event or unforeseen circumstances, such as adverse or severe weather or sea conditions preventing access to or operation of the Hotel, safety or technical issues.
2.2.3    The permanent or temporary closure of the Hotel or part thereof by Clarenco for significant commercial, operational or financial reasons.
2.2.4    A change of ownership or control of either the Hotel or Clarenco.
2.2.5    Insufficient Guests booking the Themed Event.
2.3    In the event of postponement or cancellation by Clarenco, Clarenco will notify the Guest, where possible, at least 5 days before the Themed Event. Clarenco may, but is not obliged to, offer appropriate alternative arrangements for a future date(s).  In the event that the Guest does not accept the alternative offered, Clarenco shall refund the Guest with the amount paid excluding any additional charges (including, but not limited to, third party agency commissions or fees). Clarenco will not be liable to the Guest for any loss (consequential or otherwise), cost (including but not limited to accommodation, transport or other costs), expenditure, damages or compensation for such changes. Each party will bear their own losses.

3.1.    At the time of booking the Guest will advise the Hotel of any special dietary requirements or medical conditions. Every effort will be made to accommodate the Guest’s requirements but additional charges may be incurred. Each Hotel has its own “House Rules and Code of Conduct for Guests” and these shall be available from the Hotel upon request. The Guest is recommended to be aware of these. The Guest will be responsible for their own orderly conduct and that of any children, who will be appropriately supervised at all times, and will have regard to any regulations or instructions imposed by any competent authority or by Clarenco or its staff or representatives. Nothing will be done by the Guest, which will constitute a breach of the law.
3.2.    Clarenco is entitled to refuse entry to the Themed Event to any Guest on the grounds of, including but not limited to inappropriate, illegal or antisocial behaviour, conduct or language; healthy and safety issues; inappropriate attire; breach of the law; breach of the peace; failure to provide proof of identity or age; or failure to comply with reasonable instructions and directions. No refund shall be made to the Guest.
3.3.    In the interests of safety, the Guest may be asked to submit to a search of their person or their belongings and anyone found to be in possession of materials believed by Clarenco to be dangerous, illegal or unsuitable may be denied entry or removed from the Hotel or the materials may be confiscated until the end of the Themed Event.
3.4.    Should the Guest (or any children) act in an improper or disorderly way or refuse to comply with the reasonable requests of Clarenco’s staff, Clarenco reserves the right to insist upon the immediate removal of the Guest(s) (and any children) from the Hotel. Should this occur, no monies will be refunded. The decision of Clarenco’s senior representative/management at the Hotel will be final and binding.
3.5.    Clarenco requires that the Guest (including any children) show due consideration to other people or Guests at the Hotel and to the inhabitants of nearby and neighbouring properties and keep any noise to a minimum, particularly late at night or in the early morning.
3.6.    Clarenco’s staff and contractors working at the Hotel are entitled to be treated with dignity, politeness and respect by the Guest (including any children) at all times.  Any physical or verbal abuse or aggressive or violent conduct will not be tolerated.  Clarenco reserves the right to remove individuals from the Hotel whose behaviour, conduct or language fall below acceptable standards or to withdraw services or facilities or to terminate the Themed Event.
3.7.    Where any facilities, activities, events or services form part of the Themed Event, Clarenco will not be liable to make any refunds should the Guest fail or refuse to use them for whatever reason and no refund will be made.
3.8.    Only Food and Beverages purchased from the Hotel may be consumed on the premises. If Food and Beverages are brought into the Hotel by the Guest (including any children) for consumption, a charge will be made equal to the Hotel’s selling price for that or equivalent product(s), which will be determined at Clarenco’s absolute discretion.
3.9.    Clarenco reserves the right to charge a 10% service charge on all Food and Beverages.
3.10.    Clarenco reserves the right to carry out maintenance, refurbishment and redecoration works at the Hotel, which may result in a part or parts of the Hotel not being available to the Guest during a Themed Event.  Clarenco will try to minimise the impact of any such works.  The Guest will not be entitled to cancel or refute the booking as a consequence of these works.
3.11.    Clarenco cannot guarantee the temperature of any particular areas or rooms.
3.12.    Clarenco cannot guarantee vehicle parking for the Guest(s) at the Hotel.
3.13.    The Guest(s) should be aware that Themed Events may include loud music or noise (including but not limited to a band; discotheque or fireworks), special effects or flashing, laser or strobe lighting. It is the Guest’s sole responsibility to determine what is included in the Themed Event and to take appropriate preventative precautions. Clarenco will not make refunds to the Guest(s) nor will it be liable for the actions or behaviour of any 3rd Party Entertainment, which may cause discomfort to a Guest.
3.14.    Clarenco is not responsible and accepts no liability for any travel arrangements or for the transportation of the Guest(s) to the Hotel.
3.15.    All Hotels operate a strict “No Smoking” policy within the buildings and bedrooms. If it is discovered that the Guest has smoked within the premises, the Guest will be charged for professional cleaning costs or for the replacement of any linens, fabrics and floor coverings in the polluted areas.
3.16.    Except to the extent that the law stipulates otherwise, Clarenco will accept no liability to the Guest for any inconvenience, injury or loss and damage caused to any person or property at the Hotel.  Neither Clarenco nor the Hotel will be responsible for the security of their possessions, vehicles or property. These are brought to the Hotel at the entire risk of the owner.
3.17.    The Guest will be held liable for any losses, breakages or damage to the Hotel and its contents and furnishings, fixtures and fittings or for injury to anyone including Clarenco’s and the Hotel’s staff and contractors arising as a consequence of this booking.
3.18.    The Guest will indemnify the Hotel and Clarenco against any and all claims or losses or expenses including but not limited to reasonable legal and professional fees or damages arising as a result of any breach of this agreement.
3.19.    Clarenco will not be liable to the Guest by way of representation (unless fraudulent), common law duty or under any express or implied term of the contract for any losses, which were not foreseeable by both Clarenco and the Guest when the booking was made arising in connection with the supply of the services or their use by the Guest or for any losses, which are not caused by any breach by Clarenco; or for any personal, consequential, business or trade losses.
3.20.    Clarenco’s entire liability (whether in contract or tort (including negligence, except in relation to death or personal injury)) remains, at all times, limited to the value of the booking.  For the avoidance of doubt, the employees and the owners of Clarenco will not be personally liable for any losses.
3.21.    Clarenco does not warrant and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any verbal information given or any statements made by its staff or contractors.
3.22.    Clarenco regrets that, due to the historic and unique nature of some of our Hotels, it may be difficult or unsafe for wheelchairs, children and less able people to access all areas.   The Guest should discuss their individual requirements with Clarenco at the time of booking.
3.23.    With the exception of assistance dogs, no pets are allowed at the Hotel.
3.24.    The breach of any one of these terms and conditions will not constitute a breach of the entire agreement between the Guest and Clarenco and each clause will be jointly and severally enforceable.
3.25.    If any of these terms and conditions shall be found by a Court or other competent authority to be invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the rest of the terms and conditions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.
3.26.    If there is any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the booking information priority shall be given to these terms and conditions.
3.27.    Clarenco shall be entitled to assign or sub-contract any of its rights, benefits and interests in or under the booking to third parties.
3.28.    Clarenco and/or an authorised representative may carry out photography or other recording at the Themed Event upon prior agreement between Clarenco and the Guest. Upon agreement, the Guest consents to the use of such images by Clarenco in connection with advertising, promoting or monitoring and acknowledges that copyright in such images rests with Clarenco and/or any authorized third party. No payment or compensation will be offered to the Guest if any images are used.
3.29.    Clarenco reserves the right to collect and process personal data from the Guest for the purposes of the Themed Event and for marketing and promotional activities.
3.30.     In the public areas of the Hotel CCTV is in operation and video recordings may be made. This activity is carried out for security and for operational reasons and for the safety of the Guests.

4.      NOTICES
4.1.    Clarenco will send any notices to the Guest to the address given when the booking is made unless notified by the Guest to do otherwise.  The Guest should send any notices to Clarenco to the address set out in the website or in these terms and conditions.
5.1.    These terms and conditions and the booking are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where the Hotel is located and the parties irrevocably agree that the Courts governing these laws have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the booking (including non-contractual disputes or claims).
5.2.    These terms and conditions can only be amended in writing by a Director of Clarenco.  From time to time, these terms and conditions may be revised and will be available on Clarenco’s website or upon request. The latest version will supersede any previous versions published at the time of booking.
5.3.    Clarenco has separate Terms and Conditions for Functions and for Hotel Bookings and, in certain circumstances, these may also be applicable to the booking.  These terms and conditions are also available on Clarenco’s website or upon request.
5.4.    Whilst reasonable care has been taken in the preparation and presentation of all booking information and documentation presented to the Guest, Clarenco reserves the right to amend or correct these (including but not limited to the booking information on the website) without any liability on the part of Clarenco in the event that it discovers errors or omissions or mistakes in these documents.  Clarenco will notify the Guest within 7 days of becoming aware of any errors or omissions or mistakes.   Errors or omissions or mistakes on the part of Clarenco will not be reason for the Guest to cancel or refute the booking.
5.5.    Nothing contained within this agreement will affect the statutory rights of either Clarenco or the Guest.

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