The Highlands of Scotland
Most northerly five star castle in the UK
Anglesey, North Wales
French inspired Château on the Isle of Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
The UK’s most AmaZing wedding venue
In the sea, off Portsmouth
Three totally unique island fortresses
The Highlands of Scotland
Grand Scottish castle overlooking the coastline
Anglesey, North Wales
Romantic Château wedding venue in Anglesey
Malvern, near Worcester
Former monastery with 52 bedroom suites
In the sea, off Portsmouth
The most unique wedding venue in the UK

Ceremony Types

Our venues can cater for a wide variety of wedding types...

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  • Catholic Ceremony

    A Catholic ceremony will need to be performed in a church with a priest. You will have to complete your wedding banns which will be read out during a service on three successive Sundays before your ceremony. We welcome couples wishing to hold a Catholic ceremony, and after you can enjoy your reception at one of our venues.

  • Christian Weddings

    We are happy to help you celebrate your big day just the way you have always wanted. We have an array of stunning event spaces which can be perfectly tailored for your wedding reception and allow you to party with you friends in style.

  • Civil Weddings

    A civil ceremony is a non-religious marriage ceremony presided over by a legal official instead of a religious one, and there are many reasons you may choose to have a civil ceremony. Civil weddings can be held in a variety of locations including outside areas.

  • Hindu Wedding Venues

    Hindu weddings are steeped in rituals and customs. Some couples choose the typical ceremony that spans several days, while others have a condensed version. Our venues welcome Hindu ceremonies and can also hold any non religious aspects.

  • Humanistic Weddings

    A humanist wedding is a non-religious ceremony that gives couples the opportunity to marry where they want and how they want. Besides the ‘I dos’ there are no official requirements, allowing you to customise your ceremony however you wish.

  • Intercultural Wedding

    Intercultural weddings are becoming increasingly popular as people spend more time travelling around the world and become more prone to cross-cultural relationships. Whatever you are planning or dreaming about for your big day we can accommodate and make your dreams a reality. We welcome all multicultural weddings into all of our venues.

  • Interfaith Wedding

    There are no restrictions on using religious language or songs at an interfaith wedding, you have the freedom to create the ceremony of your choice. If you’re from different religious backgrounds the minister can honour different faiths with appropriate rituals. We welcome interfaith receptions and can hold any non religious aspects of the day.

  • Jewish Weddings

    We have beautiful grounds with wonderful views, ideal if you want to hold your ceremony outside under a chappah. Alternatively, we have an array of stunning indoor spaces which can perfectly accommodate your special day and reception.

  • Marriage Blessing

    A marriage blessing is a ceremony that takes place after the ceremony and usually involves a reading, a hymn or prayer. Blessings traditionally follow on from the actual weeding and provides the opportunity to celebrate your commitment to one another.

  • Muslim Weddings

    At AmaZing Venues we understand that each Muslim wedding ceremony is unique and needs to perfectly untwine your cultures, beliefs and wishes. We have an array of beautiful spaces all of which can be tailored to suit your needs.

  • Same-Sex Wedding

    Same sex weddings have been legal in England, Wales and Scotland since 2014. We welcome same sex couples and can accommodate any individual elements you wish to include, ensuring that your special day is just the way you dreamed it would be.